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This is not an album, GNG will kindly put here some great tracks for you.

Discography :

-Plastique Exotique 3"CDR Self Released 2004

-Petite Délicatesse 3"CDR Duotone Records 2004

-Bancal (cassette + mp3) MonsterK7 records 2009 sold out now freely available on www.monsterk7.com


"2096Ko de Tartes aux poireaux" - control Z "Reaktion" CD 2000

"L'Anniversaire du Soldat Caramel" - Aspic III Project 8 CDR Aspic 2001

"J'essaierais de pas te réveiller quand je rentre" sounduzefuromunobuhere_boru.two - 8.ight series.vol.1ne CDR Soundzfromnowhere Records 2003

"Le Messager (Futur Pluvieux)" - Hand Stitched Heart Comp Vol.2 CD 2005

"Articulations Excentriques" Thrombose Records CD 2004

"radio edit" - Cadavres Exquis 2 CDR BRU(I)T Records 2006

"Press Start" on Egotwister Party Ruiners vol.2 CD comp www.egotwister.com

"Bancal 4" on MonsterK7 2009 compilation FREE with each purchase on monsterK7.com

"Le Pont du Diable" on Music For Toys compilation Vol2 on Monster K7 2009

"La Carioca" on Egotwister Movie Ruiners Vol1 egotwister records 2009


"Systematik (GNG Weird Funk Mix)" - Printed Circuit "Gimmie Aibo 7" EP Elefant Records 2000

"Gimmie Aibo (GNG Sad Robot Mix)" - Printed Circuit's remix
compilation "Reprints" CD Catmobile Records 2001

"Remix Pour La Compil" - Aspic III Esprit Project 10 CDR Aspic Records 2002

"Light Chair" (GNG mix) - Shugo Tokumaru NPRMX CDR Our Small Label Records 2004

"Rewind (Remix) - Remix for Figurine available on "Orange" Comp Dreams By Degrees Records Digital Release available on Itunes - 2006

"Something Must Break (GNG Mix") - Hypo "Deluxe Edition Archival Recording 2000-2007" Intik Records 2007

"Sous Les Pieds La Terre (Ruminated by GNG)" on sous les pieds la terremixed FREE mp3 on Headphonica.net


"Le Concerts Des Couverts" (I am Robot And Proud Mix) - You Make Me This Happy Piehead August 2002


released March 1, 1988



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GNG Paris, France

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